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cvn therapy cats

We apply Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) through a range of therapeutic activities to people within the local communities. These are provided in our specially designed therapy room.

Activities range from but are not limited to Horticulture, Meditation, Clay-making etc.

Also as our therapy kitties are undergoing training, we can provide AAT externally via visitations.

Some places we are looking to work with are Hospices, Hospitals, Care homes along with anywhere else that would benefit from AAT.

For more information please contact us on

Our 7 kitties are still going through training at the moment so you may see them from time to time in the cafe!

To donate and help support our cause, please click the donate button below



little legs big personality

Being a munchkin doesn't stop her from running with the big characters at CVN. 

You know she's around as you will hear her constant purring!

Possibly the most playful of our therapy cats - she is impossible to wear out. Even with the help of her friend Trouble. 


CVN's sweetheart

With her angelic face and gentle meow, she is absolutely adorable, with a personality to match.

One of the more laid back cats, she will silently scope out a person to sit with.

Photo 05-11-2018, 12 35 55.jpg


kitty with the heart of a lion

Being the smallest kitty here at CVN certainly doesn't phase Bagel. His confidence knows no bounds as he walks around, tail pointing straight up, acting like he owns the place!


He's perfectly suited to the therapy programme as all he wants to do is snuggle up under your chin. 

He lets you know what he wants by gazing up at you with his big blue eyes and silently meowing!  


attention grabber

With her little brown nose, she's easy to spot along with her sister Sugar. Be warned though, if you don't give her enough attention she'll meow at you until you do! 

Photo 06-08-2018, 17 16 28.jpg


Big bagel

Looking like a big version of Bagel, Theodore was previously named as "Big Bagel" or "BB", so many people who know him, know him as this!

Not wanting to stray far from his favourite humans, his favourite activities are snuggling, playing with string and climbing people for strokes. 


It's all in the name baby!

Trouble's favourite activities include - toe nibbling, finger nibbling, doing acrobatics, chasing other cats' tails and forcefully demanding attention.




Brain would much rather find a lap and snuggle than participate in any of the childish activities of the other kittens.

With her chocolate brown nose, you're likely to get her mixed up with Trouble. But you'll soon see why he was named that!


Lady's man

Romeo is the only kitty who has 2 jobs here at CVN. He came to us as a rescue, but quickly adapted to the training in which the therapy kittens are going through. He's earned himself a place on the Therapy team as well as being a cafe regular! 

Be aware that when he looks up at you with those little eyes, he's asking for belly rubs. 

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