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You'll come to realize once meeting our cats that the Cat Village North (CVN) family are as unique as your own family. 

Each Rescue cat has their own unique persona, and we welcome the opportunity for you to get better acquainted with them in our specially designed sanctuary.

Our CVN family is especially great at showing love and affection, and helping you to relax and de-stress.


Top tip: they all love a good scratch under the chin!

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The Boss

Ain't no-one bossier than this blue-eyed diva! Penny lays down the law and the other cats know it. Think Mufasaa of CVN.

However, if you're human, she loves coming for a cuddle and a snuggle but she hates sharing her humans.

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Midnight is often one of the first to greet anyone who comes to the door. She won’t hesitate to request attention and loves making biscuits!

Midnight is half Maine-Coon and loves to keep things in order and lead an organised life, all whilst entertaining guests at Cat Village North.

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The Jester

The most playful of cats, he’s a sweet boy who always has moments of silliness within him. 

This big, ginger boy is a firm favourite here at CVN and always brightens up a dull day. 


The Princess

Our little darling and one of the firm favourites with our guests who come visiting. 

​Her hobbies include: doing her hair, having plenty of naps, daydreaming and receiving plenty of attention. She certainly looks, acts and expects to be treated like a princess and she has every right to do so! How could you not love her?

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The Mischief maker

Watch out, here comes trouble! As mischievous as he is lovable, Jasper can often be found running around trying to cause chaos or sneakily looking for a way onto your shoulder.

Despite his determination to cause mischief wherever he goes, he can easily be forgiven. Look at his beautiful blue eyes, who could stay mad at that face!


 The Ladies man

Got a shoulder to climb on? Gabe has magical powers... he can spot a free shoulder to lie on from a mile away!

This little trooper is as playful and affectionate as they come, as well as a bit of a ladies’ man! We guarantee you'll fall in love with him.


The Greeter

Perched in her favourite place on the platform in-front of the entrance, Lucy is often eagerly awaiting your attention as soon as you enter and it's certainly hard to deny her of it! 


The mini man

Peanut is one of the smallest residents of the Little Cat Sanctuary and it's adorable to watch him trot around going about his business.

Ella and Luna

The sassy sisters

Two of our most vocal residents, Ella and Luna are sisters who won't be afraid to voice their dissatisfaction if they're not receiving enough attention.

These two are always happy to have a cuddle and you'll certainly know when they're requesting attention from their distinct meows.


The Waitress

Also known as Naughty Tortie - This gentle little Munchkin is shy at first but once she's out of her shell she's mischievous and loves to play!


With her adorable little legs and long body she slinks about all over the place and gets up to all sorts with her brother and sisters. 

Photo 11-05-2018, 15 27 09.jpg

And more!

Some of our residents may not be listed here, keep checking back to see if we have added any new additions!

The best way to meet the full fluffy family is to reserve a spot at the cafe by going to our contact us page or completing the form below:



The tiny terror

He may only be small but this little ginger certainly likes to get involved.

If you give him the attention and love that he seeks he can often produce one loud purr and if he likes you he may even choose to perch on your shoulders! 


mother of cats

Khaleesi is as cuddly as they come. 

With her stubby tail which she wags like a dog and extra toes on her paws, she's sure to find a lap to sleep on. 



The MAgnificent Munchkin

Truly a graceful lady, this little munchkin won't be afraid to come and snuggle up on your lap.

With her little legs and fantastically fluffy fur this lovely lady is a heartbreaker and she knows it!

Duchess is one of our therapy cats! To find out more information about our therapy services, click here.


Boss cat wannabe

Gizmo is one day hoping to take-over control, having already started trying! 

Gizmo is one feisty young kitty. You'll most likely see her on one of the many shelves taking a nap (or falling off)!

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