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birth of cvn



We want to create a friendly and safe atmosphere for our cat cafe where our cats come first. This is the top priority. For them it will be their forever home.

Secondly we want to create, and still are creating, a beautiful home away from home for our customers where they can relax in a tranquil space filled with our furry little family of cats. Whether you're looking to come here and have fun, meet friends or de-stress, escape into a world full of funny, fluffy and cuddly kitties!

Adam's Story

Cat enthusiast

“Life is difficult in the aspect of what we encounter, it may pick us up or take us down, this could be over days, months, or years but know that it's temporary and will only make you stronger as joy, hope, love & pain are the recipe for making a person.

It’s the ones we love and hold closest, either in distance or together, that are with us at heart. This helps us keep going and keep moving forward. The only things that helped me in my life alongside my difficulties and depression were my cats. They are guaranteed to melt any heartache. These changes have helped me to help others, from the birth of London Cat village to Cat Village North and Hotel Cat Village soon to come.”

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Cat love

Find a cat a new home

Looking for a new feline family member or know a cat that needs a new home?


If you are looking to adopt or need help re-homing a cat, we believe and understand cats need loving homes. If you are interested in either, we'd be over the moon to help you.

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