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House rules


watching you

Just kidding! The cats will be on the look out. We only kindly ask for guests to comply with these house rules set below, to minimise risk and to ensure the well-being of our cats and other cat-loving patrons.

  1. All guests must sanitise their hands prior to entering through the village gates.

  2. Shoes must be removed upon entering the premises, these can be exchanged for slippers which we provide.

  3. Children 16 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, accompanying adult must ensure their child understands and abides by our house rules.

  4. We kindly ask not to bring other animals into Cat Village North as this can cause an imbalance and upset the CVN family of cats.

  5. No flash photography.

  6. Not to mount or climb on any of the furniture that isn't deemed a seat.

  7. Guests are not allowed to pick up the cats, they may wander onto your lap and this is fine but please allow them to leave should they choose to do so.

  8. If a cat is sleepy, tired or eating, please do not disturb them.

  9. Do not feed the cats any human food/drink, some ingredients in human food can be poisonous to them, If a cat tries to consume your food/drink just move your plate/cup away. Call a member of staff to deal with the offending cat. (cat patrol)

  10. Only food/drinks purchased at Cat Village North may be consumed within the premises.

  11. For guests with allergies and/or pregnant women please do check with your doctor/nurse before your visit, as we are unable to give any medication or antihistamines.

  12. No person(s) under the influence of alcohol is permitted to enter the premises. 

Although our cute fuzzy friends in the Village are puuurfectly friendly, we cannot control all of their actions. Due to a cat's natural behaviours we cannot guarantee or be liable for any outcomes that may result from interacting with our cats.

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